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Drink Parasols

Drink Parasols now available at

Add a burst of patriotic spirit to summer sips with these red, white, and blue umbrellas. Pop one into every beverage you serve for an instant air of festivity. Besides doubling as stirrers, the little paper parasols help identify each guest’s glass. Once you’ve fashioned our patterns into umbrellas, grab yourself a drink, sit back, and get ready to watch the sky.

Drink Parasols

Drink Parasols now available @

Parasol How-To

You’ll need wooden skewers a couple of inches longer than your drinking glasses are tall. Download and print umbrella designsonto plain white paper. Cut out with scissors, then cut along the dotted line on each. Create a cone by slightly overlapping edges; secure using a glue stick or tape underneath. Poke a skewer through the underside of the cone’s point.

[ source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2004]