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Your New Easter Dessert: A Chocolate Bunny Cake

Your New Easter Dessert: A Chocolate Bunny Cake

Chocolate Bunny Easter Cake Recipe

The problem: You want a gorgeous Easter cake but can’t deal with hours of decorating labor.

The sweet solution: This bunny-topped beauty from Carrie Sellman of The Cake Blog, who’s also a busy mom to a toddler and can sympathize with time-management woes.

The colorful dessert is covered with a fluffy layer of edible grass that’s so easy to apply, even kids can help. Sellman tells PEOPLE that the fresh design is “completely forgiving with no right or wrong way of doing it.” And if you can’t deal with baking duty, Sellman says it’s perfectly acceptable to purchase your favorite layer cake with white frosting and add the grass, eggs and bunny yourself.

As for that eye-catching turf, it’s made from Edible Green Apple Easter Grass and it’s our newest obsession. (Note that the “green apple” refers to the color; the grass itself is made from potato starch and has a mild, neutral flavor.)

To get the grass to stick together, Sellman first spreads the chopped-up blades onto a tray and then sprinkles them with water. “I loved the playful confetti-like appearance of the edible grass. It added so much texture and reminds me of Easter basket filler. Not to mention, it was fun,” she says.

Chocolate Bunny Easter Cake Recipe

Chocolate Bunny Easter Cake
Makes one 8-inch cake

8-inch round cake with white frosting
3 to 4 packs of Edible Green Apple Easter Grass
Water (to sprinkle over grass)
Candied eggs or jelly beans (for decoration)
Chocolate bunny (for decoration)

1. Bake or purchase an eight-inch round cake with white buttercream frosting.

2. Unroll one package of edible grass and cut into one- to two-inch pieces using clean kitchen scissors.

3. Spread grass clippings out onto a tray and, very sparingly, sprinkle a few drops (about one teaspoon) of water over the top. Do not allow grass to get too wet or it will start to disintegrate.

4. Using your hands, mix up the grass to spread the water; the blades will start to clump together. (If the grass dries out and stops sticking together, add a little more water.)

5. Pull off a tiny clump of grass and stick it to the side of the cake, gently pushing it into the frosting. Repeat with another small clump of grass, sticking it very close to the last clump.

6. Repeat with additional clumps and additional packages of grass until the entire cake is covered. Fill in bare spots with a tiny clumps or single blades.

7. Place chocolate bunny on top of the cake and surround it with eggs. Allow grass to harden before serving. If you are planning to refrigerate the cake, remove it 30 minutes before serving to allow it to come to room temperature.

—Lexi Dwyer

Chocolate Bunny Easter Cake Recipe