Under-$10 Kitchen Gadgets You Won’t Believe You Ever Lived Without

Under-$10 Kitchen Gadgets You Won’t Believe You Ever Lived Without

No one-trick ponies here: Every one of these budget-friendly tools has multiple (amazing) uses.

By Lynn Andriani

  • Brown Sugar Bear
    What it was made for: Soak this little clay bear in a cup of water for 20 minutes, and then nestle it within a container of brown sugar and you’ll never deal with rock-hard sweetener again.What you can also use it for: Instead of tucking an apple slice into an airtight container of oatmeal cookies that you want to soften, slip the bear in and close with a tight-fitting lid (the bear won’t brown like an apple will). You can also use it to keep dried coconut and/or raisins moist and plump.

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  • Vibe FridgeFork Condiment Fork
    What it was made for: Spearing pickles right from the jar, while keeping your hands free of pickle juice. The three-pronged utensil sits in a little sleeve that attaches to the jar, so it’s always handy — midnight snack, anyone?What you can also use it for: Olives, peppers, cherries and any other small, slippery foods that come in a container of liquid.

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  • Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Spider Strainer
    What it was made for: Removing dumplings and wontons from boiling water. Its woven design is sturdy but lightweight, and drains more quickly than a slotted spoon.What you can also use it for: Scoop foods out of hot oil when deep-frying. Look for a 5-inch strainer; it’s the perfect size for foods both large (e.g., fish fillets) and small (e.g., ravioli).

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  • Eggs ‘N Muffin Breakfast Pan
    What it was made for: Cooking an egg in the microwave — in the ideal shape for topping an English muffin for a to-go breakfast sandwich. The lid works as a splatter shield and helps the egg steam.What you can also use it for: Quickly make mini omelets, since it’s easy to mix in cheese, vegetables or herbs with minimal cleanup (unlike a nonstick pan, this tool is dishwasher-safe).

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  • Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori
    What it was made for: Getting the core out of an apple while sacrificing the least amount of fruit. A built-in blade that swings out from the handle is handy for peeling or cutting slices for pies, cobblers, etc.What you can also use it for: Preparing pears and other fruits with seeds in the middle; or, for preparing plum tomatoes (when they’re not at their peak, the cores can be hard and tasteless).

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  • Regular Stainless Steel Cookie Scoop
    What it was made for: Scooping uniform portions of dough so they all bake evenly. Cookie scoops are smaller than ice-cream scoops (most are 1 inch). They also make perfect balls (with one flat end to place on the sheet), so cookies are round, which can be hard to achieve with two spoons.What you can also use it for: Pre-portioning out mini balls of ice cream for a party. Place scoops in mini paper-cupcake liners, then freeze on a tray. When it’s time for dessert, let guests grab their own.