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Chipotle: Building A Brand The Right Way

Chipotle: Building A Brand The Right Way


How has the fast-casual Mexican restaurant Chipotlebecome such an American staple? By building a great brand. Chipotle started as a small restaurant in the Denver area and has evolved into a publicly traded company with locations across the country. But even with the rise of the company, Chipotle has stayed true to its roots; a major staple in the success of the franchise.The brand building began with excellent food from natural ingredients. The menu has almost not changed since the 1993 beginning. Each Chipotle location has the same general environment. The cool, flashy, contemporary look of sheet metal and wood have become recognizable everywhere.

Long lines, filled tables, and full stomachs are accustomed to every Chipotle location. And it will continue for the future.

When talking about building a brand, Chipotle has executed what we at TabletopJournal have been saying all along. The 3 keys to building a brand are:FrequencyConsistency, and Authenticity.

To learn more about Chipotle and their success story, read this great Business Insider article.
– D.James


The wood and sheet metal combination of decoration has become a staple in all Chipotle locations, which started because of the original restaurants low funds. Nowadays it has become the popular environment of this fast-casual Mexican restaurant.