Mauviel M’heritage Cookware: Copper, Curved, For Easier Sautes

Mauviel M’heritage Cookware: Copper, Curved, For Easier Sautes


If you don’t already have copper cookware in your kitchen, it might be time to consider adding some- it not only looks great but copper heats up much faster and more evenly than most other materials. Of course, it can be difficult to clean, and can impart a bit of a taste to foods, so the best of both worlds would be a set of pots and pans that uses mostly copper with just a little bit of stainless steel as a lining on the interior. That’s the ideal- and it’s what Mauviel offers.

We’ve been using the Mauviel M’heritage Curved Splayed Saute Pan, offering nearly a quart of volume, with a nice-fitting lid. Manufactured in France, they use 90% copper and 10% 18/10 stainless steel for a balanced combination that we found much easier to use than your average cookware, and far prettier displayed in the kitchen when not in use. Well-riveted handles add a touch of European class and stay cool during time on the stovetop, and there is a notch for hanging from hooks. It’s not lightweight stuff- no cast iron but certainly hefty- but that’s what you want in a good pan.

This is true especially a saute pan, where quick and efficient heat transfer is everything (rather than a stewpot, for instance). You can use all M’heritage cookware in the oven should you wish, as well as with most any type of stove type (gas, electric, even induction if you use their special disks) and it’s guaranteed for life against defects. We’ve tried out several Mauviel pieces, which continue to be amongst our very favorites- from their Thanksgiving lifesaver roasting pan to the traditional (non-curved) saute pan. We found the curved version was far easier to use for many dishes, such as pastas and Asian noodle dishes where this pan can take the place of a wok almost, and the edges prevent burning or sticking. For soups or stews, the more traditional shape is probably a better fit.

Available now, online and in stores, expect to spend around $230 for a saute pan that will last a lifetime, and make every visitor envious.