SEFA Supply & Equipment Food Service Alliance

Our Mission is to continually understand the foodservice operator’s changing needs and work synergistically as the SEFA family to meet those needs with unsurpassable integrity, commitment and service.

Who We Are

SEFA, Supply & Equipment Foodservice Alliance, Inc., is a nationwide network of leading supply and equipment dealers and manufacturers. Founded in 1986, by Tedde Reid, SEFA has grown to be the industry’s leading foodservice buying, marketing and training group.

The dealer membership is comprised of 65 independently owned and operated foodservice equipment and supply distributors, all of whom have been specifically chosen for meeting stringent standards of excellence. A strong code of ethics and sense of fiscal responsibility is inherent in every member’s business. The goals, principles and entrepreneurial spirit of its members are what set SEFA apart from other foodservice buying groups.

The manufacturer members of SEFA are leaders in the industry providing high quality foodservice supplies and equipment. Together, the dealers and manufacturers form an alliance whose goal is to provide the foodservice operator with quality products, at the best prices with the highest level of service.

Membership Advantages

Both dealer and manufacturer members benefit from their partnership with SEFA. Among the many rewards of being a SEFA dealer are increased buying strength, exceptional marketing support and educational training. Our manufacturing partners benefit by having marketing and advertising vehicles to promote their products, increased sales and the loyalty and support of SEFA dealers, who are leaders in the marketplace. Together, we’ve consistently grown our “apples to apples” volume well above the industry average.

SEFA Marketing

SEFA’s marketing efforts focus on creating high quality, effective sales tools that reach operators in each dealer’s market area. Exclusive to SEFA are an annual Product Reference Guide, a full color catalog featuring products from every manufacturer, the SEFA Desktop Calendar and the Online Product Catalog, featuring over 23,000 products. Throughout the year, SEFA also produces many full color sales flyers, with both targeted and broad appeal, to keep operators informed of special prices and sale items. SEFA’s marketing materials serve the purpose of promoting each individual dealer, and honoring the manufacturer partnership through promotion.

SEFA Training

For dealer salespeople, SEFA’s commitment to training is paramount to its success. SEFAPro is an exclusive three year program that focuses on training top dealer salespeople in three key areas: Product Knowledge, Selling/Business Knowledge and Food Safety. Our training lineup includes: National Sales Conferences, SEFA Academy and ServSafe training. SEFA has a certified ServSafe trainer on staff and offers the opportunity for dealer salespeople to become ServSafe certified. For Principals and managers, SEFA holds an Executive Forum. Finally, the partnerships between Principals and Suppliers are renewed and enhanced each year at the SEFA Partnership Conference.