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Making Your Kitchen Work for You

Whether on the counter top or in the cupboards, we all have random spice jars, tea bag or even garlic cloves that sit around looking like clutter. A good way is to group these items into a basket or biscuit tin, to keep them contained and tidier. Be inventive with this, as you can really add interest to the interior by giving a bit of your style here. Think of using creative objects such as an old sewing box for tea or perhaps a dim sum basket for spices.


Hanging out
It may seem like quite an off the wall idea, pun very much intended, but utilising wall space for kitchenware is a great way for using every inch of your room. There are lots of options from wall hooks to hanging baskets, it’s a great way of keeping your high use items at arms reach.


Kitchen sink
You are going to spend a lot of time at the sink, so make it as enjoyable as possible. If planning a kitchen from scratch, try to put this at a window, as it should hopefully help improve your mood when left with the aftermath of Christmas dinner. Also make this a place that’s easy to use, by placing all your liquids and sponges into a handy container, making it tidy and useful. Save even more space my mounting these items to the wall, allowing them to drip and stay off the surfaces.


Open it up
If your dealing with a small kitchen, a good idea is to open up the space by not adding too many cabinets which block up the walls. Try having open shelves or add glass cabinet doors to take the space further back and also show off your best crockery.


Get hooked
Making your kitchen usable is key, so organize the items to be where you want them when you want them. Hooks are a great way to keep your dishcloth near the drying rack or oven gloves near the oven. Try putting hooks inside your cabinet doors to save even more space and also keeping items easy to access without being completely on display.